Dr. Gilbert Glady, MD

European Association for Immuno(g)enetic Biomedicine, France

He graduated from medical school in 1977. Gilbert Glady was then an intern in onco-hematology at the university clinic for several years. After specializing in natural medicines in Paris, he returned to Alsace to work as a private practitioner. Through his work and encounters, he developed an interest and expertise in immunology and immunogenetics, which led him to nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology. In 2010, he became the creator of the BI(G)MED method – Bio Immune (G)ene Medicine – and director of EBMA, the European association responsible for communication and training in the field of BI(G)MED. He has participated in numerous international conferences in immuno-allergology, infectious diseases and oncology with posters and oral presentations, and is the author of several publications on nanobiotherapy in different journals.

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