Dr. Gilbert GLADY, Physician
President of the European BioImmunoGenetic Medicine Association (EBMA)

Dear friends, dear colleagues,
We are pleased to open the second edition of the International Symposium on Bio-Immuno(G)enetic Medicine – BI(G)MED -.
A first symposium in 2019 in Krems, Austria, allowed us to observe a real enthusiasm for BI(G)MED on the part of our German colleagues; then the pandemic due to SARS-CoV-2 came to slow down this momentum while giving our method the opportunity to prove its therapeutic effectiveness where conventional medicine, despite appearances, has often failed.
This year, we have chosen Spain for this symposium, a country where BI(G)MED is an undeniable success thanks to the strong commitment of some colleagues, and more particularly the beautiful city of Malaga in full expansion in terms of biotechnological development, which will welcome us with its sunny climate in October 2023.
We wanted to make this event a moment of conviviality but also of high scientific level with internationally renowned speakers. Thus, the first day will be devoted to the scientific aspects of BI(G)MED as a method of integrative molecular medicine. The second day will offer a space for testimonies to practitioners trained for a long time in BI(G)MED, and will propose to some laboratories to present us their innovations in biological analyses able to advance our diagnostic approach, whose precision remains essential to optimize our therapeutic effectiveness.
The richness and diversity of this symposium can only contribute to strengthening the links between us all by carrying very high the values of commitment and progress specific to the BI(G)MED, which will be the subject of fruitful exchanges during the convivial moments planned in this regard.

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